Customer’s safety and security is our main objective at Pain Medsrx Pharmacy. So we always do our best to limit all our costumers from any form of problems after processing your order with us. We carefully understand that these painkillers are prescription pills hence controlled substances. We always do 100% discreet packaging to ensure packages always arrive at your destination within the lead time. We offer 24 hours delivery to the US and Canada and a three to four working day delivery anywhere in the globe. Shipping is done immediately as payment is confirmed. Delivery is always done around the globe once your order is placed and confirmed. We will ship the package within a few hours and issue tracking numbers at your convenience.


NO SIGNATURES are required for any delivery from Pain medsrx. Costumers Privacy is very important. but you are free to sign if you want to sign for the package and will be delivered at your specific location within the lead.


We offer delivery within states and worldwide shipping which is very discreet, secure and safe we give our costumers 100% guarantee that your order will make it through customs authorities of your country without any problems.

If your shipment does not arrive but we can clearly provide you with proof of shipment, you are compensated but will not offer any refunds unless is our mistake.


It is obvious that situations may arise and you may decide to want your money refunded. If you don’t want your medications after you’ve made payments, we’ll refund your money back without any questions in 5-6 working hours. We appreciate your understanding.